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The Holidays are supposed to be filled with good times and memories. But sometimes they are not. Just this week a tornado rushed through Dallas, Texas and killed and injured many. For those families, the holidays will never be the same.

Whether it is a holiday spent without a loved one, depression or family dynamics, the holidays magnify emotions of all sorts. If there is someone you care about that might be suffering right now, it is wonderful to reach out and offer some comfort by sharing a meal or a phone call. Maybe send a handwritten note or visit with a plate of goodies. Let that friend or neighbor know that you care and that they are important.

Sometimes renewing a lost connection or helping another through their loss is the best way to show the true meaning of the season.

Here are several books that address grief from authors who have suffered themselves. Sometimes reading about the journey that others have been on can be a release and an aid. While each passage is different, these books share experiences that let readers know they are not alone.

Flowing with the Go




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