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We are six days into 2016, so let’s keep ourselves honest. How about a check-in? Did you make the standard New Year’s Resolutions: eat healthier and get more exercise? Or did you make specific ones: finish the Thank You cards before kids go back to school and read twenty books this year?

Either way is fine, but I find that specific ones work better for me. I also have to write them down and hang them in a place where I can see them every day. Usually the bathroom mirror or on the refrigerator are places that work well for me.

I know many people for whom 2015 was a rough year. There were floods, tornadoes, cancer, hospital stays and expensive home repairs. All things that are complete downers and in some cases, much worse. So, my hope for all of you loyal readers is that 2016 is a much better year. If you made resolutions, I hope they will help improve the quality of your life and those family and friends who you surround yourselves with.

Here are a few books to help us all stay on track for 2016 with a variety of self improvement projects and goal setting strategies.

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