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We have a new neighbor in the cul-de-sac. A rabbit. He’s cute, fuzzy and fast. Too fast to pose for a picture. We’ve been watching him for several weeks. He hides under the cars and zips from hiding spot to hiding spot. After the last snow, the kids built him a snow cave in our front yard. We’re not sure he went inside, but he did hop by to check it out.

And this morning, for the first time, we saw two rabbits. The kids were ecstatic. I was less so. Because you know what rabbits are famous for… {Insert your favorite teenage make-out song here} In a month we’ll probably have a rabbit parade happening. Or a rabbit preschool. Or a rabbit sold-out concert.

But the biggest reason is: they’re going to eat my garden this summer. I know it. Plant a row of seeds and it becomes an instant rabbit buffet line. I’ll have to spend massive time and effort researching rabbit proofing options. All the little vegetables we grow and pamper all spring and summer will be devoured by the cute (innocent looking) hoppers.

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But back to our soon-to-be pesky herd of rabbits. I think the best solution is a fox. A discreet fox. The kind who won’t leave blood trails in the snow for my children to see and for me to have to explain.

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