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Bronco mania has already set in heavy here in Colorado and I’m sure Carolina fans feel the same about their team. But there are still 10 days, 4 hours and 51 minutes until the Superbowl kicks off, so how should football fans fill that time? With a book of course.

Beyond competition, sports offer opportunities for teamwork, fitness, sportsmanship and grace. And sometimes the lessons learned off the field are just as powerful as those that take place while the clock is running.

changingTheGamePlanChanging the Game Plan” is the story of Trey Rood and his mother, Cherie Rood. He was a young, healthy high school athlete when he received the diagnosis of stage III melanoma, which progressed to stage IV in two short years. With a five-year survival rate of five percent, Trey and his mother Cherie refused to accept the poor odds given by doctors or that the aggressive cancer would prevent Trey from ever attending college. Instead, they chose to fight with everything they had. And fight they did.

Their tireless search for treatment led them from home in Georgia, to Germany, and ultimately to Texas, where Trey was a pioneer participant at MD Anderson Cancer Center’s adoptive T-cell therapy trial. With Trey’s cancer now in remission, Trey, Cherie, and their family share their story here—a story of hope, encouragement, strength, and ultimately triumph. Their story of how, together, they beat cancer.

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