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It is a snow day here in Colorado. School was canceled and the kids are all home. White stuff is everywhere. And thick. All our neighbors are very nice about helping each other out until there is more than about six inches. Then we all fend for ourselves and wave at each other from across the cul-de-sac. We’re at the point where it is getting hard to see each other from the artificial mountains we’ve each created along the edge of our driveways.

And with the kids home from school, it is actually slightly dangerous to turn my back on them and write this blog. They tend to do things like this when I’m not looking…


Refrigerator Ascending

I think I should probably get a rearview mirror installed on my computer monitor. It would help me catch them in the act when they get the markers out.


Pink and Green Selections

So in honor of snow days everywhere (I know the east coast had their fair share of them last week) I’ve compiled a list of books by BQB Publishing that have snow on their covers. (Is this possibly a new genre?) Anyway, I hope that when you’re finished with the shoveling, you’ll be able to curl up in front of the fire with a blanket and a book. Because that is the very best part of snow days!






Click on the cover that interests you to learn more.

Happy reading and keep those fires stoked!

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