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Today is March 1st. Can you believe it? I felt lucky to discover the first bit of daffodil greenery in my yard yesterday. Luck – whether we’re Irish or not- comes in all forms. And it most certainly depends on our perspective. My middle son is home sick from sick from school today. But I’m lucky that all three of the kids are not sick at the same time.

So, in the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve asked the BQB and WriteLife authors to share a lucky story with you. Everyone views the concept of luck differently and I hope you’ll tune in over the next few weeks to read their lucky stories.

Oh, and if you’re really feeling lucky, you can order one of these ‘Grab Bags’ of books. For only $10, you get 5 books from our overstock inventory of BQB and WriteLife titles. This inventory is made up of books whose covers have changed, and books that have been returned by booksellers due to nicks/scratches or tiny creases along the cover.

Brown cardboard box with a question mark.  Isolated on white.

Go ahead, take a chance, get lucky!

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