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squigglyToday’s lucky guest post is by Dawn Clark – author of “Squiggly Gets Glasses.”


Irish Luck by Dawn Clark

The definition of lucky is: fortunate, favorable and unforeseen success. We all wish we were lucky and my grandma Katie O’Riordan was no different. She use to talk about the luck of the Irish all of the time and being Irish, I really thought only Irish people were lucky. I always loved St. Patrick’s Day. I actually was married on St. Patrick’s Day.   Making sure that my marriage was lucky was very important to me. I have had so many great things happen in my life. Is it the “luck of the Irish” or have I just worked hard all of my life?

Once I bought a ticket at a football game because the high school students that were selling them seemed so nice. I wasn’t going to but I had a feeling that I was suppose to buy this ticket.  I won $350.00. Not long after that I bought a ticket at a fundraiser and was the winner. Of course I donated it to the young boy the fundraiser was for. I was at Walmart shopping and found a chunk of money. I didn’t keep it but boy did I want to.

When I submitted my manuscript to BQB Publishing I really wasn’t going to hit the send button and my daughter quickly pushed the button and now I am an author. Was I ever lucky that my daughter was with me. I don’t think that I would have sent it. Looking back 27 years ago and thinking that getting married on St. Patrick’s would make our marriage lucky, was I naive? I don’t think so. I have worked hard and am happily married. By the way, he is Irish too.   I really do believe in luck. Call it being blessed or lucky. I’ll take. Happy March and may “the luck of the Irish” be with you all. – Dawn Clark


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