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Mr. Blue Front CoverToday’s lucky guest post is by Priscilla Whitaker. She is the author of “Mr. Blue.

Lucky to be Alive by Priscilla Whitaker
I am very lucky to be alive.  I was attacked by three Rottweilers in 1996.  I asked God to take care of my husband and children because I didn’t expect to survive.  Then, a man riding his bicycle on the way to work came to my rescue.  One dog had chewed down to my main artery but didn’t get it open.  I guess I had a couple of angels that day.
1-image0Having survived such a horrific attack, I have become ever mindful of how precious life is.
Everything is so much more vibrant.  I had the pleasure of watching my children grow up. Although my home wasn’t always filled with harmony, I knew that every word could be my last and I didn’t want them to be hurtful.
Today, I am a Nanny for a wonderful family.  I wrote my book Mr.Blue for the little girls I babysit three years ago.  I still see the beautiful Great Blue Heron at my pond.  However, my biggest joy is watching this little family grow.
Guess I might have to write another book!   — Priscilla Whitaker

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