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lighindarkToday’s lucky post is by Marla K. Benjamin. She is the author of “A Light in the Dark.”


Am I Lucky? by Marla K. Benjamin

Am I lucky? Let’s see. I don’t really believe in luck. That’s probably because I’m too cheap. I don’t regularly buy a lottery ticket. I haven’t played KENO in years. I have never been to Vegas. So, how would I even know if I’m lucky? But luck isn’t about money really. It’s about chance.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska. I hear that Oscar-winning director Alexander Payne has a penthouse apartment in Omaha as well. So, technically, there is a chance that we could run in to each other in passing at Walmart or the YMCA. Yeah, it could happen. But you know me. I wouldn’t bet on it. — Marla K. Benjamin


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