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10Today’s guest post on luck is by Rita Rocker. She is the author of Hope at the End of Your Rope & Guide to Marketing Yourself for Success.

Luck, Blessings or Miracles?
                   – by Rita Rocker
Have you ever had an event happen that was so unexpected and awesome, that it appeared to be a miracle of luck which opened a door for you while you watched in amazement?
Here is one of the reasons I am so passionate in sharing inspirational messages in my personal and professional development books and programs: No matter how many doors may seem to be shut, or the discouragements we all face at times, there have been doors that I’ve tried to pry open on my own that have suddenly opened up when I least expected it.
Case in point:  I was once the former Mrs. Nebraska and heading to the Mrs. America pageant. Unfortunately, there was a horrible, painful downside at the same time because my husband of less than two years was dying of bone marrow cancer and in a very weakened condition.  However, he still encouraged me to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at this national event.  It was a very tough time financially, which made it even more difficult to have all the necessary items to take along, let alone some inspirational wind under my wings. Here is where my big lucky miracle came about:
A lady I barely knew from church invited me to go to a women’s luncheon with an international speaker, Ed Cole, and his wife. Unbeknownst to me, she told him I was the current Mrs. Nebraska so he asked me to come to the podium and speak for a few minutes. It was a wonderful experience filled with a variety of emotions. At the end of my message, I quietly and humbly asked for prayers to help me get to the nationals due to the personal and financial circumstances looming over my head. After the offering was taken, he called me up front and gave the entire amount to me (instead of taking it with him). Luck? Miracle?
You decide.
Soon after that amazing experience, he connected me with the 700 Club in Virginia Beach where I became a television guest with international author and speaker Josh McDowell. We then were guests on a national radio talk show. These two unexpected events came about “for me“, but not “by me.”  Lucky, phenomenal breaks indeed!  Be encouraged that sometimes when we least expect it, even though we have prepared our self and tried to open doors that stayed closed, we can experience circumstances beyond our control, lucky doors can open, and it’s time to walk through.
  • Luck is what we wish for
  • Blessings are what we pray for
  • Miracles are waiting to be received. Grab ahold!

By Rita Rocker


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