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trainToday’s Lucky Guest Post is by Jana Zinser. She is the author of The Children’s Train. Her book was just nominated as a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award from the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association).



A Lucky Push – by Jana Zinser

Visiting from out of state, our car ran out of gas on a busy Los Angeles highway.  We pushed it off the road as cars zoomed by us. We looked up from the back of the car and noticed an exit. We struggled to push it down the exit. When we got to the end of the road and still alive, we noticed there was a gas station only a few yards away. Talk about luck!!

Tired and sweating in the California sun, we thought maybe we could catch our breath and finish pushing it to the gas pumps. All of a sudden we were surrounded by day laborers waiting to be chosen for work that day. They helped us pushed the car into the gas station! We blew them kisses as we pulled out of the station with a full tank of gas!

-Jana Zinser

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