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Well, I did it. I picked a horrible book for our book club. And no, I won’t mention the title because according to its reviews on Good Reads, MANY others loved it. I was very excited to read this book which took place on a Caribbean Island. It was a mystery with local flair and culture.

There were parts I loved. The beginning was filled with beautiful language describing a tender father/daughter relationship and descriptions of the water and the sea. But then the author took us on a tour of many minor characters’ lives. Yes, they all came intersecting back together eventually, but I was most invested in the father and daughter and the lives of the other characters were not intriguing to me.

Is this personal taste? Yes. 100% Yes. Reading books is completely subjective. What resonates and inspires one reader is exactly what bores another. And maybe there will be others in our Book Club who loved this one. It is possible. Our meeting is next Tuesday, so I’ll let you know!

If you’re in the position to be picking a book club book or a birthday book or a book for someone else for any other reason, here is a great list of recommendations to keep handy so you don’t make the same mistake I did…

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