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Frequently I read books that my children are reading so we can talk about them during car rides or when I’m cooking and they are procrastinating on their homework. Usually, like most middle grade books, they are sweet books with a bit of a sassy character and some sibling rivalry in them. But I just finished reading “Doll Bones” by Holly Black. Yowza. It was a ghost story with a kick. The adventure that Alice, Poppy and Zach partake in is full of mishaps, bus stations, history, sailing and map reading. As their friendships are tested along the way, they try to figure out what the truth is and whose version of the truth is the real one. Difficult concepts for twelve year olds, especially when there might or might not be a ghost involved..

To me, middle grade books are when reading begins to get exciting. Before that, kids read picture books, early readers and chapter books. But when their reading level becomes independent enough that they can really escape into the pages they’ve chosen, that’s when their imagination can take over.

Here are several middle grade books by BQB Publishing that are sure to inspire the young readers in your family or classroom. Happy Reading!

















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