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This past weekend I attended an open house at the Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine. My kids loved it. They were able to don surgery scrubs and dissect stuffed teddy bears, listen to a cat’s heartbeat and a horse’s digestive system, practice eye-hand coordination techniques required for surgeries, identify skulls and teeth from various animals and more.

Each of the specialties and clubs that are a part of the Veterinary School were present with an activity or an animal and the vet students were very willing to answer questions and offer advice about which classes in high school and undergraduate school helped them the most. Oh, and did I mention the baby goats? Yes, no Vet School open house would be complete without a pen full of baby goats to pet!

Two authors from the BQB and WriteLife family were previously Veterinarians before putting the pen to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard). Gary F. Jones has written two works of fiction and Jack Tuttle has written a spiritual and metaphysical toolbox for life.

Learn more about these Veterinarians turned authors and their books below:

Gary F. Jones – Author of Doc’s Codicil and A Jerk, A Jihad, and A Virus









Jack Tuttle – Author of It’s A Secret, So Pass It On: A Toolbox for Life









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