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June 1st! Can you believe it? Summer is finally here. We are headed to our neighborhood library today to sign up for the Summer Reading Program. The kids can’t wait. They already know the routine. They read, color in their charts and at the end of summer they receive a free book and a coupon for ice cream at our local creamery. It is a great program. I’m sure a library near you has something similar, so duck in, sign up and begin reading.

It is fun to see their reading progress every school year. I currently have a 6 year old working on sounding words out in picture books, an 8 year old excited about chapter books adventures and a 10 year old who wants books with kissing in them, but not too much kissing!

If you’re looking for age appropriate books for your children, BQB Publishing has plenty to offer for boys and girls in a variety of age groups. Try the suggestions below for picture books, middle grade readers and young adults. From animal adventures to mermaid tales and teen mysteries, you’ll find everything your kids are looking for here.

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