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I joined a new summer volleyball team. We play coed, grass, fours on Wednesday nights and it is a blast. Late day sun, soft fields of green grass, pretty rows of organized nets, sunglasses and bug spray. Children run behind the courts and retrieve errant serves and music plays from someone’s portable speakers. “Eye of the Tiger” sounds great if we’re winning and painful when we are behind.

It is my time to be competitive and have fun at the same time. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose (like when we played the team with the woman who was at least 6’5” and then her 6’9” boyfriend showed up). I won’t be reporting that score anywhere on social media! I really love sports as well as books about them. In the past year I’ve read the Dairy Queen Series (for young adults about a football and basketball playing dairy farming teenager) and The Boys in the Boat (for adults about the 1936 Olympic rowing team from the University of Washington).

Books about sports provide the opportunity to be a part of a team just by turning the pages. If you also love sports and reading, here are a few books that will be of interest to you. Click on each cover to learn more:









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