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I see previews for this summer’s season of The Bachelorette on TV. The beginning of a new relationship is so fun. Tingles. Nerves. Potential. It is all there. I can see why the show is appealing to those who are also in the early stages of a relationship (or looking for one to start).

And then there is another kind of romance. The kind that lasts past those beginning tingles and endures the curve balls of life. This summer I’ll be helping my in-laws celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. As with any marriage that lasts 50 years, they have seen job changes, cross-country moves, children, grandchildren, health issues, car accidents, awards, friendships and forest fires. And still their love continues. Inspiring!

Romance and relationships are always complicated, both in real life and on the pages of books. If you’re looking for love stories to entertain you this summer, try these:

Anytime Soon Cover v.15OnTheLineCast Net Cover v.4








And if you’re looking for advice/self-help/memoir books on relationships, try these:

He Said, She Said, I SaidlearningTolovenot16








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