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I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have traveled quite a bit, but there are definitely still many items on my bucket list. A hot air balloon ride, seeing a mountain lion and soaking in the natural hot springs of Iceland are big things I can’t wait to do someday. But there are little things too. And this week I was able to cross one of them off my list.

I saw my first lightening bug. Tons of them actually. We were in Michigan for a family reunion walking from the beach to the cabin at dusk and there they were. Every bush was covered with the blinky little lights. They zipped higher each time we reached for them. Just out of reach, they would zap again and dart a different direction. Such mystery they hold.

It was the first time my kids had seen them as well and we all were jumping around pointing and shushing each other. They really are amazing.

The lightening bugs immediately brought this book to mind with its beautiful glowing cover. The author (R. E. Munzing) grew up in Michigan, so I can only imaging the fun of the lightening bug kind of nights he must have also experienced. If you have a tween, this is a read that will give them that summer adventure kind of feel:

Firefly-Front-Cover-398x600Beyond the Firefly Field by R. E. Munzing: By the time he was fourteen, Clayton Curtis realized his whole life would be boring. Living in a middle-of-nowhere piece of the country would have been boring enough, but it was also the land that time forgot. Due to inherit the family home passed down through many generations, Clayton felt doomed to a life in the stone age.

Everything changed when a new subdivision was built a mile from his house. With scrap wood, he and his friends built a large tree house complex. From high in the tree, they saw a glowing faraway field one night and were determined to find out what it was. What they discovered there was beyond epically wonderful, and the boys knew it must be kept secret. They quickly became obsessed with going to see it often, even though being there was changing them and herding them toward a decision they didn’t want to make. They would soon either have to be willing to do whatever was necessary to keep the secret or never go there again.

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