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I had the fortune to spend last week near Lake Michigan. The last time we traveled there I had a 2 year old and a 3 month old, so my memories are foggy and exhausted. But what I do remember from the first trip, and I was pleasantly surprised to find again, was gorgeous blue water, boogie-boardable waves, soft sand and a beach that went for miles. The colors of Lake Michigan rival those of the places I’ve traveled to in the Caribbean with their blue hues.

Anywhere I travel, it is water that I seek. Given a choice, I always pick a hike that follows a stream or ends at a waterfall. On vacation I’m very happy on a dock, a beach or a pier with a book in my hands! I’ll even take a pool if natural options aren’t available. But there is just something about water that nourishes me. The sound. The movement. The color. I love it all.

So, today’s book theme is water. Here is a list of books from a variety of genres that feature water as a source of inspiration, character and comfort. If you also love water, click on a cover below and dive into one of these books:










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