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I stumbled upon a list of the bestselling novels from 1895 to 2015. You can view it here on the Books & Chardonnay Blog. There are some beautiful reads on there that I read many years ago: Gone with the Wind, Love Story, The Grapes of Wrath… And many that I have read more recently: Harry Potter, The Fault in our Stars, The Bridges of Madison County. And obviously, there are so many more I still would love to read.

But what really surprised me most about the list, was the number of books about war. There are so many different wars covered on the list including WWI, WWII and a plethora of civil wars in different countries. Each of the war novels are told from different points of view: soldiers, political leaders, families left behind, veterans and refugees.

So, what is it about wars that make readers want to buy books about the subject matter? Because war times are certainly not when humans are at our best. In my opinion, we read about wars for several reasons. Perhaps if we read about the atrocities that occur, we can prevent them from happening again. Or perhaps it helps us feel better about the times we are living in now. Or maybe we read about wars because we want to heal and be better.

BQB and WriteLife Publishing are proud to publish several works of fiction and non-fiction that span a variety of wars in hopes that these hard times are not forgotten. Please pick one up and consider both the micro and macro effects that wars have had and continue to have around the world.









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