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This question – “What’s for dinner?” – is the bane of my existence. It is the pebble under my heel. The mosquito trapped in my curls. The itch in the middle of my back.

And it happens every single day. Why? Just why, do they want to eat dinner every single day?

Between the hours of 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. there are soccer practices, Cub Scout meetings, church classes, running club laps, grandparent visits, spelling words to study, math facts to memorize and sometimes we even manage to toss a kid or two through the shower shampoo gauntlet. Cooking doesn’t particularly pair well with any of these activities.

So, back to dinner. “What’s for dinner?” I have no idea.

But here is a book I’ve found that can help. Author, Harriet Hodgson, has been a caregiver for her family for many years and has mastered the art of healthy, delicious, and easy family meals. Keep reading to learn more about Harriet and The Family Caregiver’s Cookbook:

cookbook-390x600This is Book 4 in The Family Caregiver’s Series. The books in this series are designed to support you, the family caregiver, which in turn will help you be supportive to your loved one.

You’re in the caregiving trenches and barely make it through the day, let alone have the energy to prepare fancy meals. But meals don’t have to be fancy or hard to make in order to be delicious, nutritious, and healthy. Harriet Hodgson, a dedicated home cook, former food writer, and family caregiver, wanted to fix delicious meals for her disabled husband. A creative cook, Harriet adapted favorite family recipes and created new ones for this book, reducing salt, fat, and sugar. Personal stories add to the recipes and each one ends with “Caregiver Tips.” You’ll get tips on how to stock your pantry, speed shop for groceries, understand the effects of sodium, and practice food safety. The book is set in larger print that makes it easy to read. Treat your loved one—and yourself—to these easy-fix, delicious, and satisfying recipes. Make every meal a celebration of life!

Harriet’s other books in The Family Caregiver’s Series include:








Hodgson lives in Rochester, Minnesota with her husband John. For more information about this busy author, grandmother, and wife, please visit harriethodgson.com.

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