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I just finished reading The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. It was full of twists, interwoven lies and secrets. There were so many acts of betrayal that I’m not even sure who I was rooting for by the end of the novel. Throughout the story, it begged readers to consider these questions: How big of a secret can you keep? And for whom? And for how long?

These questions are hard to answer. If you like books about secrets, deception and intrigue, try The Promise of Another Life by Red Samuels.

promise-400x600The Promise of Another Life by Red Samuels – With a vicious lie, young Christian Pentnam changes his destiny from trailer park trash to the son of a wealthy man. But behind the mansion walls is a life of secrets and lies—secrets that haunt him into his adulthood. His love for Rachel and his passion for painting are the two things that help him survive his father’s cruelty, but even those are torn away.

As an adult, the ghosts of Christian’s childhood are buried along with his heart. If he listens to the whispers from the past, he stands to silence a killer who has one last victim square in his scope. Will the secrets and lies of his youth be the destruction of Christian, the man, or will the memories he hid from eventually be his salvation?

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