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This week there is big news! Big, big news. It is book fair week at our local elementary school. The media center will be full of posters, shelves, tables and extra desks that are all covered with books. For a book lover like me, it is almost as exciting as Christmas.

From picture books to early readers and middle grade escapades they are all there with their bright covers and enticing adventures. Even sticker books, journals, graphic comic books and fancy pens make their appearance.

Book fairs are fun and I love getting a feel for books that my children pick out with their own money. Reptiles, dolphins, sisters, car races, summer camp, tree houses and sharks have all been topics of books they have picked in the past. Learning and exploring is so fun.

Here are books from BQB and WriteLife Publishing that kids will find inspiring. Click on any cover to learn more about the book:


The $7.50 Bunny That Changed the World




EarthaCover-with Moonbeam Award

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All books by BQB and WriteLife Publishing are available on Amazon, B&N, or can be ordered from your favorite local bookstore.