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The only thing better than a library (where all the books are free) is a wandering a bookstore’s aisles with a gift card in my pocket. And what if there are three gift cards in my pocket? Hotdiggitydog!

Except that today the gift cards in my pocket didn’t belong to me. My children received them from their grandmother for Christmas. But helping my kids find books they are excited about reading is almost as fun as buying books for me. And I’ll do it any day.

On this snowy, Colorado afternoon, we headed to the bookstore’s children’s section with money to spend. My 10 year old found a book about a tween who does good deeds for her neighbors over her summer vacation. She hopes there will be kissing in it. I am hoping there is not 🙂

My 8 year old found the next book in the adventure series he is reading. He scooped it up within three minutes of entering the store, sat down to read it at the end of an aisle and had two chapters down before we even paid for it.

My 6 year old who doesn’t have much time to read because it involves sitting still found a picture book about dinosaurs. He’s excited about this one because there are a lot of toothy, carnivorous pictures and not very many words. He certainly knows his favorite genre.

Gift cards to bookstores make amazing gifts for children (and adults) and they are also a great way to support your local economy.

If you would rather give books than gift cards, here are a few that kids you know might enjoy. Click on each cover to read more…

Picture Books:

togetheragain pink








Middle Grade Books:

Filly-Front-Cover-High-Res-387x600 The Further Adventures of Koko and Moochee








Young Adult Books:

crisantaKnightFinalCover-399x600 Buss







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