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lifeunexpectedI’ve been binge-watching a 2010-11 TV show called ‘Life Unexpected.’ It is about a teenager who has bounced around the foster system for fifteen years. When she decides to file for emancipation from the state of Oregon, she needs the signatures of her birth parents. Her search, and the ensuing drama of their new and old relationships, formulates the entire show. Issues of teen pregnancy, parenting, trust, adoption, friendships, abandonment and responsibility are thoroughly portrayed through the characters’ perspectives. The series is amusing, light-hearted and completely unrealistic. As described by the CW, it is Juno meets Gilmore Girls.

togetheragainAdoption, as dramatically depicted in Hollywood’s ‘Life Unexpected,’ is very realistically shared in “Together Again” by Laurie Stephens. It is a book that shows the love and support adoption provides for children and the parents as well. This book is written from the child’s perspective and shares the author’s spiritual journey to becoming a whole family.

About the Book:

Have you ever felt as though you have known someone forever when you actually just met? Or felt a connection with your child or spouse that has an effortless, timeless quality? Together Again: A Spiritual Adoption Story is the true story of such a soul connection between mother and daughter. Their story spans heaven and earth and thousands of miles as the two souls are reunited through the miracle of adoption. Their journey is spiritual as well as physical.

The beautiful illustrations in the book bring the journey from China to the US alive for little minds and large imaginations, and help to visually tell the story of adoption.


About the Author:

Laurie Stephens was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, and then spent some time in Florida before settling

into the Atlanta, Georgia, area in 1994. Laurie majored in communications at the University of Toledo where she was a member of Kappa Delta Sorority.


She is the mother of two incredible daughters, Lily and Avery, who were both adopted from China. Laurie has made a career in nonprofit fundraising and marketing. She also writes about adoption, spiritual issues, and life as a single mom in her 40s. Laurie’s work has been published in Adoption Today magazine. She also writes a blog.

Laurie’s interests include adoption support and global women and children’s issues. Hobbies include reading, baking, cooking, and walking/jogging.

The book is illustrated by Sharon Grey.

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