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My neighbor is retiring next week after working for the same company for more than thirty years. Something that just doesn’t happen frequently with the younger generation. His loyalty and work ethic are traits of his age bracket as well as his personality.

His first retirement plan is to sleep in later and then to start hiking and bowling again. Sounds great, but he also realizes even with his retirement income, he’ll need to work part-time for a few more years. I worry about how he will find the ideal job in this day and age. He doesn’t use social media, uses a computer only to answer emails, and is a pretty shy individual – networking probably doesn’t come naturally to him.

There are two books I would like to give him for a retirement present. The first is one about Colorado’s hiking trails. The second is Over 50 and Motivated – A Job Search Book for Job Seekers over 50 by Brian E. Howard. When he’s ready, this book will help prepare him for today’s job market and show him how to prove his worth to hiring managers.

About the book: Over 50 and Motivated – A Job Search Book for Job Seekers over 50

over50-196x300It happened. It may have been a surprise, or it could have been anticipated, but at this point, what does it matter? You lost your job. Or, the frustrations at your current job have hit the boiling point. You just can’t take it anymore!

In either case, change is inevitable. But, you’re over the age of 50 and intellectually or intuitively you know your age could be a factor in your job search. . .and, you are right. There are age-related biases that exist in the job market that will work against you. According to government statistics, job seekers over 50 encounter more difficulty in getting new jobs and suffer notably longer unemployment than their younger counterparts. But these statistics do not have to apply to you!

First, immediately stop with the worry and negative thinking. You’re in a better position than you think. There are employers out there that not only will hire you, they are looking for you! The key is to find them, sell them on you, and get them to hire you. It’s not as hard as you may think.

In the Over 50 and Motivated book, Brian Howard will teach you a systematic approach for conducting a real-world job search based on years of frontline recruiting experience helping thousands of tenured job seekers just like you. He will teach you how to effectively conduct a job search in today’s job market and techniques to successfully combat age biases. He will show you how to get job offers and your next fulfilling career position!

Author Brian E. Howard has more than 23 years  of real world recruiting experience,
and has received various accolades and international acclaim for his recruiting ability. His other books, all relevant to job searchers (of any age) include:

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