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There is a new baby in our neighborhood! She is sweet, tiny and perfect. To celebrate, I loaded up the kids in the minivan and headed to our favorite local bookstore so they could each pick out a board book for her. This was harder for them than I imagined.

“This one was my favorite.”

“Wait, this one is funnier.”

They made piles of their bestest-ever-always books and narrowed down their choices until they each had one. At this point I thought their project was complete, but on the way to the cash register my seven-year-old passed a book with a dragon’s eye on the cover. The dragon’s eye was large, fierce and intense. Exactly the kind of thing my seven-year-old is in to.

dragonHe picked that book up, hugged it to his chest and said, “Oh, Mom. You have to get me this book. I have to know about this dragon. This picture is so cool. Please. Please. Please. Please.”

Even when I showed him the inside (it is a middle grade reading level without pictures) he was still interested. Very interested. “I’ll try some words, but if it is too hard you can read it to me. Please. Please.”

I’ll tell you this, I am a sucker for books. If this child, as a reluctant reader, is that interested in a book, consider it SOLD.

Covers do sell books! Today I would like to share with you several books from BQB and WriteLife with beautiful covers that are sure to get your young readers interested in the stories within: (View even more books for children of all ages here!)

crisantaKnightFinalCover-399x600pinkViolet-Path-Front-Cover-v.8-399x600Bunny-Cover-With-Medals-596x600heronFar-Away-Home-COVER-375x600Filly Girls CoverThe Ugly Bug Ball Cover