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Wahoo! Let’s Party! Saturday,  April 29th, 2017 is National Independent Bookstore Day. Many of the independent bookstores across the country will be celebrating.

Bookstores are more than a retail store. They are community. They are inspiration. They are advice and friendship. They are maps and stationary, self-help and memoirs. From arts & crafts to historical fiction and dream interpretation to parenting toddlers, they cover it all.

Some have a store cat and others have a friendly dog. Others are pet-free, yet highly caffeinated zones.

As they celebrate, each will plan their own activities and schedules (as you would expect from independents). They might include children’s hours, author signings, review boards, special deals, music, snacks and more. Find your local store to see how they are celebrating and as you wander past their shelves, be sure to look for books from BQB and WriteLife authors. Here are a few of our covers to look for (see all fiction titles here or all non-fiction titles here):

architect-200x300 promise-400x600 spud daddy-375x600 journal Buss letters blooming 10 ThesePeopleFINAL Redemption doc pie Family-Inheritance-Cover-405x600 Destination-D-Front-Cover-399x600