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My garden suffered drastically from an early July hailstorm, but it seems to have rebounded recently. There are blossoms on the green beans, cucumbers, pumpkins and sugar snap peas. We have already eaten the first few peppers and tomatoes.

In the summer, there is nothing I love more than getting my hands in the dirt, pulling a few weeds, and watering. The garden to me, signifies potential. It is growth and roots, all in the same square footage.

Even better than quiet time in the garden are the moments when my children join me. They always have plenty of questions. Is this a pea or a weed? When can we eat these? Why do the bees like our garden? Should I water more? Why don’t we eat the weeds?

As they ask, I answer, and our conversations drift between legumes and life. Gardens grow vegetables and relationships.

If you love gardening, here is a book for you. This picture book is wonderful to read aloud to young children who are curious about plants and encourages time together sharing common interests: Come Out to the Garden by Rick January.

Come Out To The Garden Cover“Come out to the garden,” Granny calls to Mary Louise. It’s a beautiful, sunny day, and there are vegetables to be picked and a feast to be cooked! But Mary Louise points out there are plenty of vegetables growing in the cool shade of the porch, so why go out in the sun?

Together they pick baskets of corn, beans, and other vegetables, then cook them up and make a tasty, healthy feast. Come join the rhyme and discover the reason why Granny and Mary are dozing in the sun and purring like the cat. Maybe tomorrow, you too can pick some turnips and peas!

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