Let’s Party – Independent Bookstore Day


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Wahoo! Let’s Party! Saturday,  April 29th, 2017 is National Independent Bookstore Day. Many of the independent bookstores across the country will be celebrating.

Bookstores are more than a retail store. They are community. They are inspiration. They are advice and friendship. They are maps and stationary, self-help and memoirs. From arts & crafts to historical fiction and dream interpretation to parenting toddlers, they cover it all.

Some have a store cat and others have a friendly dog. Others are pet-free, yet highly caffeinated zones.

As they celebrate, each will plan their own activities and schedules (as you would expect from independents). They might include children’s hours, author signings, review boards, special deals, music, snacks and more. Find your local store to see how they are celebrating and as you wander past their shelves, be sure to look for books from BQB and WriteLife authors. Here are a few of our covers to look for (see all fiction titles here or all non-fiction titles here):

architect-200x300 promise-400x600 spud daddy-375x600 journal Buss letters blooming 10 ThesePeopleFINAL Redemption doc pie Family-Inheritance-Cover-405x600 Destination-D-Front-Cover-399x600



Book Covers for Kids that Jump Off Shelves


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There is a new baby in our neighborhood! She is sweet, tiny and perfect. To celebrate, I loaded up the kids in the minivan and headed to our favorite local bookstore so they could each pick out a board book for her. This was harder for them than I imagined.

“This one was my favorite.”

“Wait, this one is funnier.”

They made piles of their bestest-ever-always books and narrowed down their choices until they each had one. At this point I thought their project was complete, but on the way to the cash register my seven-year-old passed a book with a dragon’s eye on the cover. The dragon’s eye was large, fierce and intense. Exactly the kind of thing my seven-year-old is in to.

dragonHe picked that book up, hugged it to his chest and said, “Oh, Mom. You have to get me this book. I have to know about this dragon. This picture is so cool. Please. Please. Please. Please.”

Even when I showed him the inside (it is a middle grade reading level without pictures) he was still interested. Very interested. “I’ll try some words, but if it is too hard you can read it to me. Please. Please.”

I’ll tell you this, I am a sucker for books. If this child, as a reluctant reader, is that interested in a book, consider it SOLD.

Covers do sell books! Today I would like to share with you several books from BQB and WriteLife with beautiful covers that are sure to get your young readers interested in the stories within: (View even more books for children of all ages here!)

crisantaKnightFinalCover-399x600pinkViolet-Path-Front-Cover-v.8-399x600Bunny-Cover-With-Medals-596x600heronFar-Away-Home-COVER-375x600Filly Girls CoverThe Ugly Bug Ball Cover

Books on Aging (with humor, realism and grace)


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100yearoldmanI just watched the funniest movie from Sweden called the The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared. On his 100th birthday, before the staff can light all the candles, a man climbs through the window of his nursing home and stumbles his way through an incredible adventure. Along the way, he reminisces about his life obsessions with explosives, spy negotiations, Russian vodka, travel and a penchant for being in the right place at the right time during some of the world’s most monumental times in history.

Sprinkled with a lot of dark humor the film is a combination of Waking Ned Divine and Forest Gump with their community of characters and life commentary.

If you like life sagas and enlightenment, here are two books that will provide even more thought provoking and humorous moments about aging. You’ll be entertained and feel like you’re making real friends through the pages of these books:

not16We’re Not Sixteen Anymore: A Baby Boomer’s Adventures with Online Dating by Becky Andersen

Not since funny lady Erma Bombeck has there been a book written that so delightfully pokes gentle fun at common occurrence in everyday life —and in this case,dating. But not just any dating! Online dating. And specifically online dating when you’re closer to sixty than to sixteen.

Follow the tongue-in-cheek adventures of a Baby Boomer as she discovers the pitfalls and highlights of dating in the 21st Century’s cyber-world. Feeling naive and outside her comfort zone, the author prepares to step up to the plate of dating after a relative puts her on an electronic dating site. Like many people, she discovers she’s been in a time warp, and when she approaches dating like she did when she was in her teens, she discovers it’s entirely different.

What started out as entries on her Facebook page have expanded into detailed accounts of dating foibles and feats. Anyone who has embraced the concept of online dating will find her adventures humorous and charming.

You Can't Iron a Wrinkled Birthday SuitYou Can’t Iron A Wrinkled Birthday Suit by Sharon Phennah

If you’re alive, you’re aging . . . but You Can’t Iron a Wrinkled Birthday Suit smashes senior living stereotypes!

Zany families, eccentric friends, and ne’er-do-well neighbors inhabit the labyrinthine lives of three women friends as they live through one puzzling “Golden Year.”

A surprise visit from local law enforcement, a younger friend’s romantic disasters, and the death of a parent all combine with daily life—laundry, scones, senior sex—to create one walloping, raucous read.

Loquacious pets—critics and alter egos—offer a rich counterpoint to the human dramas affecting their lives.

Unfiltered and compelling, this entertaining saga provides readers of all ages with a new and positive view of growing older.


All books by BQB and WriteLife Publishing are available on Amazon, B&N or can be ordered from your favorite local bookstore.