Little Known Stories of WWII and a Book Award


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Somehow, about half the books that are picked by our book club seem to take place in the WWII era. First it was Boys in the Boat (non-fiction about a rowing team from University of Washington and the 1936 Olympics in Germany). Then we read The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society (epistolary historical fiction about the occupation of Guernsey Island) and most recently we read The Girls of Atomic City (nonfiction about a government town in Tennessee whose research and secret work contributed to the making of the atomic bombs that ended WWII). These have all been fascinating reads and what remains with me most, is how the atrocities of WWII reached well beyond Europe and the Pacific to all corners of the earth.

trainJana Zinser’s book, The Children’s Train: Escape on the Kindertransport shows how so many young children were involved, whether they stayed home, left home for England or returned to join the resistance. Zinser’s book was recently recognized as the First Place winner in the Historical Fiction category of the CIPA EVVY Awards.

You can watch the trailer below or read book reviews for The Children’s Train: Escape on the Kindertransport. If you constantly seek to learn more about WWII, this is a book about a little known WWII story that shouldn’t be missed.

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Guest Post: An Author Who Pays It Forward


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SeveranceGame-400x600Today’s Guest Post is by Geanna Culbertson, author of the Crisanta Knight Series. The second book in this young adult fantasy adventure series (The Severance Game) will be released December 6, 2016 and will include a curious inscription of appreciation. Keep reading to learn more about a woman named Ever Lee.

A few months ago I accompanied my mom to an appointment. While I waited for her, I decided to explore the surrounding area. It was morning and I was hungry, so I elected to find myself some treats. The choices came down to a Chinese food place and a doughnut shop.

I chose the latter.

Upon going inside my face was hit with a glorious waft of sugar and coffee. Having selected my pastries and ordered a cup of joe, I went to the register to pay. However, it was then that I realized I’d forgotten my wallet at home.

I apologized to the cashier, saying that I had to cancel my order, but then someone intervened. A woman with dark curly hair and a pleasant face ahead of me offered to pay for my food and my coffee.

Naturally, I was in shock. She didn’t know me. People didn’t usually work this way. But there she was, a kind woman named Ever Lee who insisted she’d buy me my breakfast.

Culbertson-GeannaIt was a wonderful gesture of kindness to experience. Since all I had on me was my laptop (always the writer, I carry it with me just about everywhere), I offered to give her a shout out in the second book in my series—Crisanta Knight: The Severance Game—which is set to be released on December 6, 2016. And all she asked from me in return was that I pay it forward and continue to pass along the kindness.

To sum up, it was a delightful human moment, and we should always try to pay it forward.

– Geanna Culbertson

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New Releases – Non-Fiction for Fall


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Whether you like music, cooking, or you’re looking to network more naturally, there is a book for you this fall from WriteLife Publishing.

thesearemypeopleThese Are My People by Mark Rickert

– What would it be like to be a part of country music history? Singer/songwriter and manager Merle Kilgore could have told you. He awed his fans with tales of his life in the music business, always with a supporting cast of impossibly famous friends.

At age fourteen Merle carried the guitar for Hank Williams Sr. Four years later he wrote his first song, and Webb Pierce turned it into a million-seller. He double-dated with Elvis Presley, wrecked hotel rooms with Johnny Cash, held séances with Johnny Horton, and convinced Audrey Williams to put Hank Jr. on the road at fourteen-years-old.

Merle became a prolific songwriter, entering the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. He co-wrote his signature accomplishment, Ring of Fire with June Carter Cash. This work is listed by CMT as one of the top four all-time country music songs.

These are just a few of the amazing stories of Merle’s life, showcased in These Are My People, written by his grandson Mark Rickert. The book also has 30 black and white photos of Merle and country music stars taken from both Merle’s and Mark’s private photo collections.

This book releases September 27, 2016.

networkingThe Motivated Networker by Brian E. Howard

The Motivated Networker is a practical, no-nonsense guide for networking during a job search. When 60-80% of all jobs are filled through some form of networking, mastering the skill of networking is imperative to success in landing a new job in the shortest time possible! Brian Howard provides a proven and systematic approach for helping thousands of job seekers find hidden job market openings leading to job offers. This book gives you a distinctive competitive edge by teaching networking techniques that will create job leads, interviews, and a fulfilling career position!

The Motivated Networker is part of The Motivated Series, which based off of The Motivated Job Search, the most comprehensive job search guide currently on the market. The Motivated Networker provides networking techniques and insight not otherwise written about, while thoroughly covering typical networking topics. It is a comprehensive approach for today’s job seeker who needs quick and direct guidance for effective networking during a job search.

This book releases September 6, 2016.

cookbook-390x600The Family Caregiver’s Cookbook by Harriet Hodgson

-This is Book 4 in The Family Caregiver’s Series. The books in this series are designed to support you, the family caregiver, which in turn will help you be supportive to your loved one.

You’re in the caregiving trenches and barely make it through the day, let alone have the energy to prepare fancy meals. But meals don’t have to be fancy or hard to make in order to be delicious, nutritious, and healthy. Harriet Hodgson, a dedicated home cook, former food writer, and family caregiver, wanted to fix delicious meals for her disabled husband. A creative cook, Harriet adapted favorite family recipes and created new ones for this book, reducing salt, fat, and sugar. Personal stories add to the recipes and each one ends with “Caregiver Tips.” You’ll get tips on how to stock your pantry, speed shop for groceries, understand the effects of sodium, and practice food safety. The book is set in larger print that makes it easy to read. Treat your loved one—and yourself—to these easy-fix, delicious, and satisfying recipes. Make every meal a celebration of life!

This book releases October 11, 2016.

All books are available for pre-order now!

All books by BQB and WriteLife Publishing are available on Amazon, B&N, or can be ordered from your favorite local bookstore.


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