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~~ by Janet Green, editorial manager ~~

Imagine: The American Dream becomes the American Nightmare.
Imagine: America finds itself on the brink of third-world status, economically and strategically brought to its knees.
What would we do? Who would we turn to? Would our political system be able to handle the weight of such a threat and pull us out of it?

And there’s your RUDE AWAKENING, folks. We’re fighting those possibilities every single day.

Keith Donaldson has penned another blazing tale of DC whodunit in his soon-to-be-released captivator: Rude Awakenings. This book is not only insightful and entertaining, it’s almost clairvoyant, as we learn that Donaldson wrote this story just before the real economic fallout that America currently finds itself still swirling within (see Foreword).

Immediately, you are sucked into the Donaldson Vortex as his rapid-fire story relays a nuclear bombing on a new-party president’s first day in office and the political twists that take place in order to determine the path to recovery—if one even exists.

Okay, we need to show the world our administration is running on all cylinders, Gus. Our 2013 Economic Recovery Plan that tens of millions of voters gambled on us for is still our vision for this country. Even with this atrocity we see below us [the bombing of Detroit], we are on mission; totally focused.”

“Right, sir . . . be solid as a rock. You have the economics; Bryanna and I have the recovery; and CIA and DOD has the investigation. I agree with you that nobody’s coming after us with another bomb. You can bet they are just waiting for us to collapse like a tissue in a rain storm. Well that ain’t gonna happen.”

Macdonald smiled. “Not on my watch, it won’t.

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