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As if 2016 wasn’t rough enough, yesterday earthlings lost one of our favorite space princesses.

carriefisherAs Princess Leia, she lived in a galaxy far, far away. As Carrie Fisher, she lived the ups and downs of the movie star life. Her personal struggle with mental illness and addiction are well noted as she wasn’t afraid to speak up and share her journey with others.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Fisher family and Star Wars fans everywhere as they grieve. Holidays are a hard time for many people – especially for those who have suffered a recent loss. Memories rush back with holiday decorations, meals served with empty seats at the table and the change of family traditions.

If you’re having a difficult time during this holiday season, know that you’re not alone. Talking to a friend or family member can help. A walk outside in the fresh air can help. A finger tour through the joys of an old photo album can help. Reading a book on the grief and grieving journey can help.

Here are several books from those who have suffered devastating loss and were willing to share their passage so that others might not feel so alone:





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