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Our living room rug has been graced by a monopoly board since Friday night. The fierce battle will probably never end, but it has provided plenty of lessons in vocabulary, business and adulting to my children. Questions they have asked include:

“What are taxes?”dscn4898

“Why is Boardwalk worth more than St. James Place?”

“How come it costs more to stay in a hotel than a house?”

“What are utilities?”

“If I got elected Chairman of the Board, why do I have to pay each player $50?”

The game also gives them plenty of opportunity to count, make change, budget (can I afford to buy Park Place?) and negotiate (can I pay rent after I pass GO and collect my $200?). When I listen to them talking like this, they sound like little adults navigating the business world.

As an adult,  we need sound business advice as well. There is a wonderful series of books called “Rule of Thumb.” Each book in the series devotes itself to a business topic ranging from Marketing and Sales to Business Growth and Sustainability.

I highly recommend these books for small business owners, those hoping to become an entrepreneur, or for those looking for a promotion within their company. A few of the titles are below, and please follow this link to view the entire series:

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