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One of my daughter’s friends was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy. It is a condition of the brain which causes seizures. They are still completing testing and trying medications to control the seizures, and as you can guess, they have many questions. Most of the resources that are available to them are for adults. They contain scientifically researched and valuable information, but it is eons above the reading and comprehension level of an elementary school student.

I was very happy to be able to recommend Karen’s Epilepsy to this family. At an age appropriate level, it answers questions in a reassuring way as the main character moves to a new town and school and begins making friends.

Currently more than 2 million people in the United States and 65 million people around the world live with Epilepsy. More than 150,000 will be diagnosed every year in the US alone. Learn more from the Epilepsy Foundation.

If you know a child who has Epilepsy, this is a wonderful book written by an author whose own Epilepsy was diagnosed when she was 12. At that age, she couldn’t find any books that pertained to her class of seizures, so she wrote her own. Later, she attended medical school and became a primary care physician. Learn more about author Elizabeth Baltaro here.

karen-480x600Karen’s Epilepsy by Elizabeth Baltaro:

Written and illustrated by a high school student with epilepsy, Karen’s Epilepsy is a 28-page story about a girl with complex-partial seizures. When Karen’s family moves to a new city, she wonders if her new classmates will befriend her despite her differences. Karen struggles with her own self-acceptance until something unexpected happens. Written with elementary school students in mind, this heart-warming story speaks to both children and adults. With reassuring words and pictures Baltaro communicates a hopeful message of friendship, confidence, and determination.


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