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By Julie Breedlove, Marketing Manager

Does your cat have an alibi?

I didn’t think so. “U-G-L-Y, your cat ain’t got no alibi! . . . It’s UGLY!”

Don’t go around chanting that to your cat, unless you want some fresh scratches in some unsavory places or enjoy being woken up every hour on the hour by a vindictive feline. Instead, grab your camera, snap your cat’s photo, and enter for a chance to win some cool prizes! BQB is proud to announce that on National Pet Day (today), we’re launching a contest to find America’s ugliest cat! If you’ve got a cat that makes people do a crinkled forehead double look and makes other cats hiss with distaste, we want to see a photo. It’s a win-win for you and the cat, as you may have a chance to win prizes that will make you proud and your feline purr.

Damon Plumides and Arthur Mark Boerke, authors of The Adventures of Caterwaul Cat: Feline Pie, want to include the ugliest cat in America in their next book! Their book series, which is written for the 10- to 14-year-old market but is filled with subtle humor that makes a good read for adults as well, is filled with mischief and mayhem surrounding their main character Caterwaul Cat. Learn more about their first book on their website and download the kindle version here.

The winning cat will receive a part in the new book, which is due to be released in 2013, and a professionally sketched, framed illustration of the winning cat signed by the authors and illustrator. The winning cat will also receive a $50 gift certificate to PetSmart for toys or goodies for the cat, a $50 gift certificate for books from www.shop.boutiqueofqualitybooks.com for the cat’s human, and recognition on all BQB social media. The second and third place winners will also receive prizes! The contest ends May 31, 2012, so send us your not-so-pretty kitty pictures today! Be sure to view the rules, instructions, and prizes on BQB’s Contest Page and submit the photo, your name, the cat’s name, and all of your contact information to BQBUglyCatContest@gmail.com.