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Today’s guest blogger is freelance editor/proofreader Ty Mall.blog

You have a blog, right? From grandmothers to new moms, consultants to chefs, everyone does now.

If you blog for fun, it might matter if someone reads it. If you blog to build your business, it definitely matters if someone reads it.

How do you get interested eyeballs to your posts? I’ve got a few ideas. These tweaks are simple, and you can use them right away.

Write, then spread the word.

Isn’t your blog about what you write? Yes. But it’s also about your readers. Write with the goal of helping others. Likes, dislikes, and interests draw people together online, as well as offline. Tell everyone you can think of about your blog, whether they know you personally, or professionally. And let them know about new posts, and important changes to your blog.

Get to know your readers.

This is foundational for your future as a writer. When you get to know your readers, you can post more of what they like, which leads to the snowball effect. Response might be slow at first, but hang in there. Ask for comments on posts—and do your best to respond to them. Put up polls for people to vote on. If your readers have their own blogs, swing by and interact. A little goodwill goes a long way.

Let them see you.

Life is full of perspective. We all have one—from flowers to children, being on hold to being in traffic. But there’s no need to get hung up here. What are you doing or thinking during your day-to-day? And how can you relate that to your blog’s central theme? Put the answers to those two questions together, and you’ll have your meaningful connection—an insight only you can come up with.

No matter what you blog about—cooking, teaching, music, audio technology—remember why you started. Share that perspective, and readers will relate. Which means they’ll keep coming back, and maybe bring some friends along for the ride.

Bio: Ty Mall is a writer and blogger who loves technology, eating, and reading. He blogs at http://www.fictionandcopydecoded.wordpress.com. Feel free to stop by his website at http://www.tymallcopywriting.yolasite.com. He lives in Illinois with his family and a cat who likes to have adventures.